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Grid Parity for Sustainable Society GPSS HoldingsGrid Parity for Sustainable Society GPSS Holdings

Biogas Power GenerationBiogas Power Generation

What we doWhat we do

  • ① Planning and Surveys

    Investigate the type, quantity, quality, collection method of organic waste (biomass) required for biogas production such as livestock excreta, food waste, sludge. We will also consider the effective utilization of by-products such as digestive byproducts after biomass fermentation, and select the land where a profitable cycle is achievable.

  • ② Regional

    Formulate joint business development (including investment and fund procurement, etc.) with local communities, and at the same time form regional consensus on development and projects.

  • ③ Feasibility

    Investigate candidate sites for legal restrictions. We also work to build more profitable power plants, taking responsibility for business risks surrounding assumed power generation volume.

  • ④ Application /

    After deciding on commercialization, we will design the power plant in detail, obtain ID from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and establish connection agreements with electric grid companies.

  • ⑤ Finance

    The Financial Division within the group is qualified as a Type II financial instruments trading business, and can propose and implement a comprehensive financial solution for development.

  • ⑥ Power plant

    We will procure equipment and construct the power station in compliance with all laws and regulations.

  • ⑦ Grid Connection

    Connect the power plant to the grid and start the sale of electricity generated.

  • ⑧ Maintenanc
    and Management

    We will conduct remote monitoring on a 24-hour basis using specialised monitoring system. If there is abnormality in power generation, we carry out onsite maintenance and repair.

Biogas power generation potentialBiogas power generation potential

We aim to develop regional partnerships. In addition, by carrying out EPC at our company and reducing the capital investment requirements, we will also make efforts to develop projects that are difficult to commercialize at present. In supplying biogas power generation systems and biogas production plants, we aim to convert cost structure while enhancing efficiency by partnering with European manufacturers.

Land Owners Sought for PartnershipLand Owners Sought for Partnership

Biogas Power Generation Application informationBiogas Power Generation Application information

  • 1Land where raw materials for methane
    fermentation can be stably acquired
  • 2Land with digestive tanks where digested
    gas is already generated

※Both buying and leasing are possible. Land must be available for more than 20 years of continuous use in case of leasing. We are happy to also receive consultation requests regarding issues outside of the below cases. In the case of farmland, agricultural land designated in the agriculture promotion area development plan cannot be developed. If the land is not a designated part of the agriculture promotion aread development plan, it is possible to develop. We can carry out basic survey to assess suitability for use as land for biogas power genaration. Please contact the following address with the address of the land you would like surveyed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us Inquiries by phone Tel : [+81](0)3-6435-2391《Available from 10:00 to 18:00(Japan time)》Please do not hesitate to contact us Inquiries by phone Tel : [+81](0)3-6435-2391《Available from 10:00 to 18:00(Japan time)》Inquiry by e-mailInquiry by e-mail[+81](0)3-6435-2391

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