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Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

Based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, GPSS Holdings Ltd (“the company”) has formulated its privacy policy concerning the appropriate protection and use of personal information as appears below.
In addition, this privacy policy will be continually improved, being reviewed as necessary to guarantee the proper handling of customers’ personal information.

1.Personal information policy

In order to protect personal information, the company ensures that its procedures conform to Japanese domestic law and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.

2. Purpose of use

In order to both fulfil the company’s contractual obligations with customers and develop high-quality products, the personal information provided by customers will only be used for legitimate purposes, such as providing useful information to the company’s customers.

3. Ensuring the accuracy of personal data

To the extent necessary for attaining the purpose of use, the company ensures that personal data is accurate and regularly updated.

4. Security measures

The company will implement reasonable security measures to prevent the falsification, inappropriate disclosure, loss of or unauthorised access to personal information.

5. Disclosure of personal data to a third party

Should the company disclose personal information provided by customers to a third party, the company will follow its contractual obligations by striving to prevent leaks and the re-transmission of said information in the absence of a justifiable reason not to do so.

6. Entrusting third parties with personal data

In order to provide such deliverables as products, parts, technology, services and expertise, the company may divulge personal data to such third parties as agents, distributors, and its consolidated subsidiaries.

7. Disclosure procedure

In the event that the customer requests the implementation of such measures as the confirmation, revision and deletion of personal information it has provided, the company will respond within a reasonable timespan. Please contact the relevant department for any further inquiries on the matter.

8. Inquiries regarding personal information

The company will handle inquiries and requests for consultations regarding personal information in its possession.